Residential bath custom window.

Your design becomes a work of art.

Skip White founded Architectural Concepts in 1986 with friend and fellow artisan Perry McLean.  The business served the Piedmont for 20+ years from their location at 719 West Lee Street in Greensboro, NC.  Now operating as Architectural Glassworks out of the studio at his home in Greensboro, White continues the work that he started many years ago.  A true stained-glass artisan, his work can be admired in upscale homes, businesses and churches across North Carolina and beyond.

If you are looking to incorporate a beautifully hand-crafted piece of stained glass into your location, you will find no better source than Architectural Glassworks to make your idea come to life.  Whether you have a sketch on a piece of paper, and existing logo or just a concept, Architectural Glassworks can create it.  Contact us today!

ARCHITECTRAL GLASSWORKS 108 West Lakefield Greensboro, NC 27406  (336) 379-0455